2017 Junior Masters Criteria Three-Event

  1. Defending 2016 Junior Masters Champions in slalom, tricks, jump and overall.
  2. Champions of the 2016 74th Goode National Water Ski Championships in the Boys 3 and Girls 3 divisions in slalom, tricks, jump and overall.
  3. Champions of the 2016 Junior U.S. Open Championships in slalom, tricks, jump, and overall.
  4. The top five ranked skiers on the final 2016 IWWF Junior World Ranking List in slalom, tricks and jump.
  5. The top three ranked skiers on the final 2016 IWWF Junior World Overall ranking list as well as the fourth and fifth ranked skiers provided they are already qualified in at least two events.
  6. The Champions of the multi-round, Last Chance Qualifier, in the Junior Division for slalom, trick and jump, NOT already invited to the Masters. The LCQ will be held on May 19-21, 2017 at Sunset Lakes, 3018 No Wake Lane, Groveland FL 34736.
    • Each LCQ Division winner (Slalom, Trick, and Jump) will receive a Masters invitation, providing that the winning score equals or exceeds the following benchmark scores*:
  • Junior Men Slalom – 2.5 @ 10.75 meters
  • Junior Men Tricks – 8,425 points
  • Junior Men Jump – 51.90 meters
  • Junior Men Overall – 2,089.06 points
  • Junior Women Slalom – 3 @ 11.25 meters
  • Junior Women Tricks – 7,245 points
  • Junior Women Jump – 42.25 meters
  • Junior Women Overall – 2,397.32 points
  • Any ties for first place will first be broken by the next highest round score(s); any remaining ties will be a run-off.
  • Only the first place event winner will receive a Masters invitation, e.g., no additional Masters LCQ invitations will be issued to the second place or subsequent finishers.

*Benchmark scores are set after the finalized World Ranking List is published for October 2016.

  1. To qualify, an athlete must be 17 years of age or younger as of December 31st, 2016.
  2. If a junior aged skier qualifies for pro level masters and junior master, he/she must decide which level to ski. After the decision to ski at the pro level is made, if they qualify in both again they must compete in the pro level.

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