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2022 Masters Water Ski Qualifying Series Event Rules

2022 Masters Water Ski Qualifying Series Event Rules:


Slalom Starting Speeds and Line Lengths:

  • Junior Men Slalom - 55kph/18.25 meters
  •  Junior Women’s Slalom is 52kph/18.25 meters
  • Pro Men is 58kph/13 meters
  • Pro Women is 55kph/14.25 meters


Jump Ramp Heights:

  • Pro Men jump at 6’
  • Pro women jump at 5.5’
  • Junior Men may jump at 5’ or 5.5’ (*all 5’ jumpers must go first off the dock and forfeit seeding)
  • Junior Women jump at 5’



  • Each qualifying series tournament event will have 2 rounds of slalom, 2 rounds of trick and 2 rounds of jump. Overall will be calculated utilizing the scores from all 3 events within the same round only. The highest single score from either round will determine event placement.


Ties: For all 3 events, slalom, trick and jump, there will be one traditional run-off attempt before moving to a “sudden death” run-off format.

  • In the traditional run-off attempt, skiers will run-off in random draw order. For slalom, skiers will start one line-length below the pass where the tie occurred. Skiers with the highest score in the run-off will advance. Jump skiers will have 2 jumps and trick skiers will have one single (1) trick pass.
  • If, after the single traditional run-off, ties still exist then skiers will run-off again using the “sudden death” format. Skiers will now be seeded from the highest produced score from either round 1 or round 2 of the qualifying tournament. If a tie still exists, skiers will be seeded based on their applicable qualifying score into the tournament. Should a tie still exist, a coin toss will break the tie.The higher seeded skier will choose to ski first or second off the dock. The second skier off the dock must beat the first skier off the dock to win. Should the second skier off the dock tie the first skier off the dock, the first skier off the dock will be pronounced the winner.


Seeding for MQS Series Events: For all 3 events, slalom, trick and jump, athletes will be seeded for round 1 of each qualifying series tournament utilizing the applicable 2021 qualification score into the series. (*See Qualifications below.) These scores will produce a Masters Qualification Ranking List. The Masters Qualification Ranking List will break ties utilizing the next highest produced 2021 qualification score. We will continue to the next highest 2021 score until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists after the top five (5) 2021 scores are reviewed, the tie will be broken by random draw on the list. Round 2 of each qualifying series tournament will be seeded from Round 1 scores. If a tie exists after Round 1, the tie will be broken by the Masters Qualification Ranking List.


Refunds: Should any athlete qualify for the Masters at a Qualifying Series event, refunds will only be granted from future MQS events if the athlete notifies the upcoming qualifying event tournament director no later than 5 pm on the Monday prior to the MQS event. Refunds will not be granted after this time. Contact Leigh Ross at or Lelani Travers at by deadline for cancellation and refunds.


Qualifications: Skiers may only compete in the individual events that said skier qualified for per the Masters’ criteria posted on

Pro Qualifications:

Open Men’s Slalom: 3@10.25 meters

Open Women’s Slalom: 2@10.75 meters

Open Men’s Trick: 10,900 points

Open Women’s Trick: 7,000 points

Open Men’s Jump: 64.40 meters

Open Women’s Jump: 48.30 meters


Junior Qualifications:

Junior Men’s Slalom: 3@11.25 meters

Junior Women’s Slalom: 3@12meters

Junior Men’s Trick: 6,600 points

Junior Women’s Trick: 4,500 points

Junior Men’s Jump: 45.90 meters

Junior Women’s Jump: 33.50 meters

Junior Men’s Overall: Meet or exceed the IWSF overall score of 1780.00 OR meet or exceed at least two individual event disciplines benchmark scores

Junior Women’s Overall: Meet or exceed the IWSF overall score of 1740.00 OR meet or exceed at least two individual event discipline benchmark scores


**Scores must be achieved at a Class R or L tournament between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.


Seeding from Masters MQS Events into the 2022 Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament: The defending 2021 Junior Masters and Masters Champions will ski top seed in each discipline. The 2021 IWSF Junior World and World Champions will ski second to last. All other skiers will be seeded into the 2022 Masters based on the 2021 Masters Qualifying Series Ranking List.

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